Top 5 Tuesdays: Party Time Excellent!

Yes, yes, my dears, it is without a doubt that time of year again. It’s chilly out, you have a sudden craving for hot cocoa or hot toddies, and you can’t go to the store without them hocking Christmas wares in your face. That’s right: it’s party time. Christmas shopping, party planning, it all eludes me. Except, that is, when it comes to finding the perfect party ensemble. Not to toot my own horn, but when it somes to getting dressed for a fiesta, normally I find my dream outfit first, then help one or all of my friends find theirs. This year, I’d be happy to help you out too. It is with this in mind that I give you this week’s Top 5 Tuesday: My Favorite Monster Vintage Party Dresses.

(click image to enlarge and for item number!)

Give your little black dress a break this holiday season and go for a seasonless white dress, like this 1960’s number. It’s lighweight (and perfect for layering over some tights and under your favorite winter coat) and has lovely beading, perfect for a all night affair.
The second dress is so simple, yet far from boring. Very 1940’s. Very versatile and can be classed up for a family party with tights and flats or worn barelegged and bling-ed out for a cocktail event. And that bow is just the sweetest thing!
For those of you all too happy to banish basic black and stand out at a party, the third dress, from the 50’s is perfect for you. More versatile than you might think, it would look perfect with a neutral cardigan and some boots for a more understated look.
The fourth dress is even more gorgeous in person, shiny yet flattering, and a breathtaking shade of winter blue. The little tiny bow at the neckline has pretty rhinestone details, making this dress perfect for any evening event. Very film noir vixen!
The last dress is subtle yet stunning, definitely an overachiever. It has tiny gold leaves printed all over. Definitely special enough to stand alone without too much effort… Love the 40’s silhouette!

So what have we learned today, sweeties? First off, I obviously have a soft spot for 1940’s dresses…
But more importantly, if you are trying to get more mileage out of your party dresses this winter, go for versatility. With tights, without. Layered with a lovely cardigan or even a tuxedo jacket. Heels, flats, jewelry, different purses. All that good stuff. And if you don’t already have these items in your closet… well we have bigger problems. But you should be able to find a dress or two that already goes with things you own. Don’t go broke this holiday season!*
There are so many choices, I had a tough time choosing just five. You can shop Monster Vintage dresses here, or here if you’re feeling really fancy.

Sally “Party Over Here” Mulligan

*Unless you’re buying me that pony I always wanted…

Vintage Sizing FYI

Measuring Tape
Phew! If I have learned anything since I started working for Monster Vintage, it’s that sizing vintage clothing is hard. Super hard. The thing is, sizing is hard enough. While there is somewhat of a standard, designers and clothing manufacturers can call whatever they feel like a “Large.” Throw the fact that people were a lot smaller back in the day into the mix, and you have quite a job on your hands!
Here’s the thing that we should be doing as vintage shoppers: measuring ourselves carefully and thoroughly. Especially if you are shopping online, your own measurements are the most important thing (except maybe how awesome that Scorpion tee really is). You also need to stop and really look at the garment you are drooling over: Is it stretchy? Is it meant to be worn fitted or loose? Is it lined or will I have to wear something underneath? We provide as much information on the matter as possible, because we know how much it sucks to wait for something awesome to come in the mail only to rip the box open and find out it doesn’t fit.

And, of course, we’re here for moral support, so if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us ( or here. No, seriously. We get it all the time. Is this itchy? Can you meaure it again just in case? We even have people call asking us to look for stuff for them for theme parties and gifts and stuff. Go ahead, feel special! That’s what we’re here for!Don’t you feel better already? We’re working on some helpful videos on sizing right now that will talk you through the whole process, top to bottom. In the meantime, just give us a ring! Or a whatever… we miss the sweet sound of your voice!
Sally “Measures Up” Mulligan

Style Icon Friday: Mama Mia

Everyone with functioning eyeballs knows that Mia Farrow in any fashion incarnation rules them all. But 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby was her absolute peak of style icon-ness. When Rosemary went to the salon and chopped half her hair off, so did the rest of America. So today I present to you the look that launched a thousand pixie cuts: Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.
There was something undeniably feminine yet chic about Mia’s wardrobe in this film. Very classy but girly and undeniably sixties. There are so many dresses at right now that perfectly embody this look, no Satanic spawn necessary!

(Click image to enlarge, and for item number)

Classic dresses that would fit in absolutely anywhere today! Click here to shop dresses from Monster Vintage.
Sally “Devil Child” Mulligan

Vintage Concert T-Shirt a Go-Go

I’m wild about old concert t-shirts. My first stop at every thrift store is always the men’s t-shirt rack, and I will browse through every single one until my arms are fatigued, buying up pretty much any concert tour or wrestling t-shirt I come across. Half of them become gifts to my boyfriend or daughter. Valuable ones get collected into a special, “someday I’ll do something awesome with these” box, and the rest get refashioned into something else… a dress, a back-patch, a wall-hanging, whatever! Collecting t-shirts is such a fun and inexpensive hobby, and if you’re crafty, you can recycle even the most worn out, ugly ones into something groovy.

Lucky for me (and my fatigued arms), Monster Vintage makes it easy to browse from the comfort of my laptop. Here are a few groovy finds from the Vintage Concert Tee category, perfect for pretending you were there:

From the first of many reunion tours– KISS Alive! From the 1996/1997 KISS Alive World Tour. This awesome KISS shirt is only $19.99 and is perfect for rocking and rolling all night, and… yes, you guessed it… partying every day. For the uninitiated, KISS concert tour shirts are highly collectible and often appreciate in value, so you might not want to cut them up into tank tops just yet…

Who doesn’t love Dolly? From her 1985 tour, this hard-to-find t-shirt is for serious collectors of Dolly merch, coming in at $149.00. The price is higher due to its rarity and unusually excellent condition.

Finally, we have an example of a long-sleeve concert t-shirt from the 80s. This one is from Loverboy’s 1984 American tour. Somewhere out there is a die hard Loverboy fan who would give his right arm for this t-shirt… although then the right sleeve would just hang there limply and that would be weird, but nevertheless the price is right at $69.99 for a collectible 80s concert tee. Appreciate my restraint from making a Def Leppard joke just then.

So have some fun and poke around Monster Vintage’s collection of righteous retro concert t-shirts!

Cheers! Joni

Top 5 Tuesdays: Cardigans

Nothing melts my heart faster than a boy rocking nerdy-chic, so this Top 5 Tuesday is dedicated to my favorite Fall staple: the cardigan!
If you aren’t convinced, check out the gentlemen below strutting their stuffs in cardigans, or refer to my Mr. Rogers Post from a while back.

(click image to enlarge)

The second cardigan is my absolute favorite. Very Lebowski (or “El Duderino” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.)
The top 5 cardigans are all from Monster Vintage, you can click on the picture for the item number if you would like to buy. You can also shop cardigans here.


Sally “Grandpa” Mulligan

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Rare Finds, Part 2

As anyone who collects rare vintage clothing or other items knows, quality items at a fair price are hard to come by. When collecting vintage clothing or antiques, the condition of the item is very important. Today we want to show you a very rare piece that we have for sale here at Monster Vintage.
Item # 16282

(click on picture for item number)

This stunner is from the 1940’s, with tiers of gorgeous fringe top to bottom, with sequined straps and trim. Truly a rare find, in excellent condition, and great for a night out on the town. Could you not see this dress on a fashionable starlet strutting the red carpet?
Do you have any lovely vintage items in your closet? We would love to see! Send us your pictures and shop for rare vintage here!

Sally “Wannabe Flapper” Mulligan