“Now I’ll Never Be A Teen Style Icon!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am definitely and without a doubt in a very seventies state of mind these days. With that state of mind in mind, and given the fact that I recently dyed my naturally red hair blonde, I bring you today’s style icon: Marcia Brady (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! to the rest of us.)
Pretty, popular, polite, and eternally vain, Marcia Brady ruled the roost and made sure everybody knew it (in the nicest way possible, of course!)
As the oldest Brady sister, she always had on the grooviest and newest clothes, including knee socks, mini skirts and outrageous prints, topped off with long, shiny blonde locks. Nothing could keep this girl out of the spotlight- not even braces or the occasional football to the face.

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As always, Monster Vintage is putting the grooviest of groovy right at your fingertips! Enjoy!

Sally “Teen Idol” Brady (I mean Mulligan…)

Of Movie Stars, Nikes, and Peer Pressure

For a period of time in the late eighties, I attended high school in a very wealthy part of Maryland. I was a poor, hillbilly kid from rural Pennsylvania and didn’t really worry about “fitting in” as far as my wardrobe was concerned. Where I came from, kids wore what they could afford and did their best with what they had. NOT the case in Maryland. The pressure to follow the trends of the cool kids (“preps”) was unlike anything I’d experienced. They all wore Guess Jeans rolled up at the bottom (the old “tuck and roll” or “California roll” to our West coast brethren), tons of Benetton Colors cologne, but most importantly, they all wore Tretorn sneakers with no socks. Every last one of them. If you didn’t have a pair of Tretorn Sneakers, you were basically worthless.


Of course my family couldn’t afford Tretorn Sneakers, so I was doomed to spend my few years there as a second-class citizen.

Around this same time, a girl in my psych class was featured in a starring role in a John Candy movie, directed by the late, great John Hughes. It was interesting how the other kids reacted to her success. Even though she was one of them– her family seemed to have plenty of money– she didn’t look or act like them, and when the movie came out, everyone basically teased her about it, or ignored her altogether. Fans of John Hughes movies will appreciate the bittersweet irony; that her role in a John Hughes movie created a class rift between her and the other preps.

But I thought she was so awesome because, well… she’d been in a movie and that was pretty sweet, but also because she didn’t fit any mold– she wore very little makeup, had this wild, curly, untamed hair, she wore frumpy sweatshirts, and most of all… most awesomely of all… she wore Nike Swoosh sneakers instead of Tretorns. Nike sneakers were considered very passe. This made her my hero. If I’d had the money to buy new sneakers, I would have bucked the trend and bought Nike swoosh sneakers, just to be like her.

I never really spoke to her, though, cause I was so intimidated by her awesome sneaks, except for once when I encountered her in the girls bathroom. I said, “I rented your movie the other night. It was really cool.” She smiled and said, “Thanks.” It was the most I’d ever heard her say to anyone.

Today I was browsing the vintage shoes at Monster Vintage, and I came across these eighties Nike Swoosh Sneakers, and the memory of that girl and her awesomely cool Nike sneakers came rushing back to me. I realized that now that I can afford to buy myself sneakers if I feel like it, I would STILL go for the eighties Nike Swoosh because they are still way cooler than whatever the cool kids are wearing these days. And a cursory Facebook search reveals that the preppy girls who wore the Tretorns back in Maryland in 1989 aren’t all that impressive these days after all (cough*fat*cough)… unlike our Nike girl who currently stars in her own sitcom. So score one for individuality!

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Cheers, Joni šŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday tomorrow! I want to leave you with a few of my favorite Monster Vintage items inspired by Native Americans and Pilgrims in honor of this (secretly) fashionable holiday.

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Have a great time everybody, and don’t forget you can get 30% off your next order by using the coupon code monster09 at checkout! Get some holiday shopping done already, will ya?

Sally “Mayflower” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 2

I promised you two icons today loves, and I am nothing if not kinda reliable. For the lace edition, I have the stunning and graceful beauties of Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. The Lisbon sisters, headed by Lux Lisbon (played by Kirsten Dunst), are as delicate as lace itself. Fragile, lovely, ladylike and perhaps with a bit of a conservative stigma attached. Set in the 70’s in a small town, the lives of the Lisbons was tragic and romantic at the same time. Enjoy the inspiration below!

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Sally “Doily” Mulligan

Iconic Fridays: Leather and Lace, Part 1

I was bad last week, my peeps. I offered no style icons for you to worship. Shame on me. BUT I’m here to make it up to you with double the style iconography so that you will love me again!
This edition of Iconic Fridays is dedicated to Kara who describes my personal style as “goody two shoes with a dirty mouth”- Leather and Lace.
First I have some leather for ya (or “leathuh,” as I have taken to calling it), best exemplefied by the hardcore badasses from Easy Rider. In the sixties, leather was king, even for vegan hippies! Back then, being proud to be an American and being rock n’ roll were one and the same (Jimi Hendrix and the Star Spangled Banner?!). Tough and luxurious, leather makes a statement. And these guys make me want to go home and listen to some Synard!

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Sally “T-Bone” Mulligan

Rare Finds, Part 3

Item # 7038

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This little baby is AMAZING, especially given my affinity for military and marching band jackets. She’s designer, and from the 80’s and dripping with GOLD! And padded, embellished shoulders? Come ON! So fresh and modern still, considering that Philip Lim, Balmain and Marc Jacobs have all done reworked military jackets in recent years. It’s very “In loving memory of Michael Jackson,” dontcha think?
The price tag for this baby is pushing $500, which is still less than it’s modern designer counterparts and a very lovely find!
Sally “Forward March” Mulligan

$35,000 Levi’s!!!

On Ebay right now there is a pair of Levi’s 201s from the 1890’s going for a whopping thirty five thousand dollars!!! Relatively speaking, that’s not the most a pair of vintage Levi’s has sold for. Last time a pair of Levi Strauss jeans (501) from the same period went on sale on the site in 2005, they fetched a price of $60,000!
So my advice to you is: ask your grandparents if they still have their old Levi’s from back in the day, because they could potentially be worth as much as a brand new Corvette! Crazy!
For Levi’s in aĀ much moreĀ reasonable price range, click on the picture above.


To piggyback Joniā€™s post, I too have always been a fan off the illustrious concert tee/wrestling tee/wildlife tee, but these black cotton treasures have always caused a bit of a conundrum for me: How can I wear this and look cute rather than careless? When the most mesmerizing t-shirt finds don’t always come in a flattering, fitted size, it can be quite a challenge.
A few weeks ago, though, inspired by a passing cyclist, I put together this little en-semb, consisting of:

1) A big, black Samhain tee
2) Some skinny-ish jeans
3) A vest
4) A good pair of boots

Success! With the right ingredients, you too can pull off a boyfriend-ish shirt!
Start with any black t-shirt. Black tee = automatically bad ass. (Though you’d be hard pressed to find anything more bad ass than this electrified Diamond Rio tee.) Slim jeans and a vest, like this vintage velvet number, can give some shape and structure to an otherwise oversized garment. Be sure to leave a button or two undone though, to properly exhibit your shirt’s undoubtedly awesome graphic. The length of the shirt lets you conveniently conceal the inevitable skinny jean muffin top, while the the recently resurfaced rolled t-shirt sleeve trend lets you show off your guns. Slip on some cute flats or a pair of commandeering boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit. So long as you don’t go crazy with your color palette, you can do no wrong.

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Voila! My personal favorite of the fall!

Fur-ocious furs!

As the skies turn gray and your nose turns pink your clothing can often be the only thing that brings a little fun and life to a drab winter day, as well as to your freezing body. Nothing is more fun and feminine than fur. Vintage fur coats, sweaters and accessories not only keep you toasty but add style to your look without harming more of our furry little friends.

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Whether it’s faux or authentic fur has a style and appeal that has made it a permanent symbol of elegance and class. From Marilyn Monroe to Mae West fur could be seen hanging from the shoulders and framing the faces of the world’s most glamorous and iconic women. The average gal mightn’t have been able to afford one then but times have changed at MonsterVintage.com, and nowadays any posh girl with a computer can look like a leading lady.