Time for the Coat, Darling

Fall is finally upon us, and with it comes sidewalks covered in red leaves, rain, and warm winter coats. Frugal is, usually, my middle name, but not when it comes to the perfect coat(s). They’re the only things that I can easily spend $200 on without thinking twice. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, and you wear them every day. Also, the perfect coat is the mainstay of your entire winter look. Of course, I go for the more classy, “Oxfordy” look.

Here’s a selection of my favorites from M.V. I wish I could wear all of these, one each day. Click on each image for the details.

Here is your classic, wool tweed coat. It goes with EVERYTHING and always looks good. I must have this.

Picture 5

This 1960’s Gloverall English Duffle is just plain cute. OK, cute isn’t the right word. It’s warm, polished, stylish, and looks like it’ll upgrade any outfit.

Picture 6

Faux fur… kind of nice if you’re going skiing a lot this winter, or just want something a little different, and soft.

Picture 7

OK, you can’t say this one isn’t cool. It is. And it would be perfect to wear out to Happy Hour when it’s cold and rainy outside, and warm and cozy inside.

Picture 8

Why don’t I own all of these? Which do you like best?

Miss Paige