Tickled by Feathers

About 6 years ago I received a glut of my mom and aunts old jewelry, items from the 70’s and 80’s mostly. One of my favorite finds happened to be a big rounded feather hair piece that looked like something a saucy flapper girl would have worn. Keep in mind this was about 6 years ago, before the recent feather rage. At the time I considered this feathered hair piece to be a hot item, thus I wore it out on the town one night to show it off (I was positive that the feather strategically placed in my perfected wanna-be 20’s hair would come off as vintage sexy)… but from the stares I got it was obvious that the night life crowd just wasn’t ready for the ultra glam movement of ‘I got a bird in my hair’. It was a pity.

 Fast forward 6 years and taa-daa my feathered hair piece isn’t such a fashion disaster after all! Whew! Currently the most popular feather item seems to be the feather peacock headband. Sure it’s cute, but you can pretty much find those little dittys anywhere. I say go all out, amp up the feathered look a bit. Be bold and go for a feathered hat! Mmm, Devine!

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