Suit Yourself

Recently I was asked: “What’s the sexiest thing a man can wear?”  I replied “Nothing at all”. Clearly this was not the answer my friend was seeking out, for I received the ever annoying eyebrow furrow. Later on over some crème brûlée and an hour of Grey’s Anatomy I contemplated the question again- this time a little more seriously. I decided the next best thing to a naked man would be a man in a dapper looking suit. It must be the whole ‘James Bond’- a man of intrigue aura. But a suit lends its wearer a sexy, confident, mysterious, swoon worthy sex appeal… and come on, what girl doesn’t lose her underwear over a man with those qualities?

So this is a note to you fellas- wear more suits. Don’t limit yourself to only wearing a suit to work, weddings, and funerals. Wear them more often so I, and other like women can lust over you in grocery stores, parks, and city streets across America. Put away your jeans, t-shirts and hobo looks for a day, I beg of you!

Ok, I know some of you guys reading this are thinking: “You know how much of a douchebag I’d look wearing a suit for no reason!” (P.S. The reason is to turn on the ladies, and isn’t that your primal goal anyways? Really, wearing a suit is much less work then other methods to get desired results). For those of you who just don’t see the light I will meet you half way, what about a suit jacket? The suit jacket is always an ever so popular charmer. This look is slightly more casual, but it will still do the trick. If you are really daring you can even go for a velvet jacket- after all the holidays are coming up and velvet is the universal ‘holiday season’ fabric.

Below are recommendations that will turn you into a heartthrob:

Suit Jacket 2


Suit 1


Suit Jacket1