Sally’s Favorite Steals!

Well, hello there! The recession has given pretty much everyone a little shake up in their life, but I for one was never the kind to let shopping fall by the wayside. Over here at Monster Vintage, we feel your pain. If you’ve ever perused the Monster Vintage site and saw a t-shirt selling for .99 cents, your eyes did not deceive you and it wasn’t a typo. We have all kinds of sweet deals to keep you styling on any budget. Get ready, vintage lovers, Mama Sally is here to showcase some of my favorite steals from the Monster Vintage site.

Numero Uno:
1940s Mink Collar

1940's Mink Collar

This little lady came off of a coat that couldn’t be salvaged and we’re selling it for a scant $9.99! All you do-it-yourself-ers (though I’m sure you’re already overflowing with ideas), how about sewing some pretty ribbon to the underside and tying it around your neck with your vintage favorite cocktail dress? Or as a lovely addition to your favorite coat?

Numero Dos:
Classic Members Only Jacket

Members Only Jacket

Way back before I knew better, I spent almost 30 big ones on a Members Only jacket to call my own. This retro jacket will only set you back $12.99… If “Only” I had known better…

Numero Tres:
Girly Blouse

Scalloped Blouse

This is the sweetest blouse I ever did see, and it will only set you back $2.99. It would cost twice as much at Goodwill! We’re so good to you!

Numero Quatro:
Corduroy Western Shirt

Western Shirt

Western style shirts have been in style for quite a while now, and as a result the prices are going up up up. This shirt has one tiny stain on it, so you can get it for only $9.99. Come on, you were gonna stain it anyway…

Numero Cinco:
Designer Goodies!

Versace blouse

You too can own designer clothes! It’s pretty much always better to buy vintage anyway, so (as long as the condition is excellent) you might as well be cooler than all of your friends and wear deigner and vintage all in one. This Versace blouse is $149.99, and therefore just a tiny little fraction of the original cost. Plus it’s in mint condition!

Stick with me, kiddies. We’ll all get through this together. And stay tuned, because I’m going to be showing you some more super-secret deals soon!


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