Oh, we just can’t shut up about Fall!

Yay, autumn!
What is it with us over here? I myself am all over this fall business! As a recent import from (sometimes) sunny California to Portland, I am having a wee bit of trouble getting used to the seasons. They are not so extreme in the Bay Area (and snow? that’s a no.) I am completely at a loss for how to dress for these fast and furious weather changes (mostly in the shoe department.) What are your fall essentials, readers? Do you really get a change of seasons where you live?
I myself need a pile of plaid shirts and dresses, tights for days, a bunch of big ol’ scarves with some extra personality and soft sweaters for layering.
The shoes elude me, though. I could get away with flats or Chuck Taylors in the Oakland cold. I have literally only seen snow once… Does anyone have a recommendation out there for a good winter shoe or boot? Especially a good vintage style that will survive the weather!
Camp Comfort has a pretty good “Fall Wish List” going… gotta love stripes!

Won’t You Be My Style Icon?

In honor of all of the cardigans we are getting ready to put up in the shop, and the fact that fall is all up in our business, we voted Mr. Rogers, everyone’s favorite Saturday morning treat, this Friday’s style icon!

Admit it- Mr. Rogers made cardigans fly!

De we all remember this?


p.s. If you are now jonesing for a fresh vintage cardigan, check out the shop!

Fall Essentials

Ahhh… Fall, it’s my favorite time of year! Call me crazy but I think there is something romantic about this blustery season. Earthly thunder that sets the trees ablaze and stirs up an ominous magic in sky, now if that doesn’t scream romance then I don’t know what does. I’m sure for some people this season means massive amounts of Theraflu and bad hair days to come… but let’s focus on the positive shall we? Think rich colors, cable knit sweaters, wool coats, and bedazzling embellishments to brighten up the day.

Since Fall brings me so much joy I decided to make a collection of ‘Fall Picks- The essentials of the season’… has a nice ring, eh?

First you need a coat for obvious reasons, that ominous magic stirring up in the sky I mentioned can make you very chilly. The feminine color of salmon leather paired with the fur really spoke to me… I could just see myself wondering the rainy streets of the city looking oh so stylish.


Next thing on my list is something you can layer for those days when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat, but not warm enough to bear the elements without some sort of coziness against your skin. I picked this brilliant red orange sweater because 1. It’s wool and 2. It would look absolutely mind blowing with a pair of fitted jeans, boots, and a brown tooled leather purse.


…Speaking of tooled leather purses I have a friend who has a gorgeous 1950’s tooled leather purse, and every time she carries it I can’t help but drool over it. Literally. Something about the texture and the color of the leather screams FALL! Without a doubt I had to add one of these bad boys to my list, and hopefully to my closet very soon.

Tooled Leather Purse

I always like to add a little sex appeal to my accessories, and I find nothing more sexy than animal print. Clearly Betty Paige knew what was up! So no matter wind or rain you are sure to be a show stopper in this little leopard pillbox hat. Plus at the end of your day your hair won’t be frizzed (well hopefully). It’s a win-win.

Statement Hat

I’m saving the best for the last. I’m a firm believer in the notion that you can never have too much glitz and glam, so when I saw this sweater it sucked me in. I always look for pieces that are easy and effortless. This works great for the days when you wake up late and need to throw on something, but of course you have an image to uphold. Toss this sweater and you got yourself insta-glam. Also this is a perfect sweater to go from day to evening.

Embellished Sweater