Vintage Cufflinks- & Lighter?

Cufflink Lighters
These things are amazing! They are real working lighter cufflinks that were once dispensed in gumball machines approximately 50 years ago. Cufflinks that double as lighters! Extremely rare and hard to find which makes them oh so cool! It’s almost like they belong in a James Bond movie. Imagine offering to light someone’s cigarette and putting your cufflinks to their face. Great conversation starter!

Michael Jordan- The Greatest

With the recent induction of Michael Jordan into the Basketball Hall of Fame, it is necessary to mention the coveted Jordan brand by Nike.  The Jordan brand is what Lexus is to Toyota, it’s what Maybach is to Mercedes. It is an international symbol of the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. Movie stars, singers, actors and just about everyone else will wear an item of Jordan, not only to look cool, but it is as if the wearer owns a piece of Michael Jordan himself, to “Be Like Mike”.  Above is a rare Jordan brand T-shirt before the official start of the Jordan line of products. The proof of this is on the tag: you see two symbols, one is the Nike sign and the other the Jordan silhouette. Vintage Jordan products include both symbols whereas modern Jordan only shows the Jordan symbol. Currently, the Jordan brand is “retro-ing” all the Jordan line from shoes to clothes by combining modern fashion with 80’s colorways and prints. Retro is comin’ back!

Jordan items are hot stuff and only one piece remains so better get in quick. It’s a Space Jam shirt and it will go great with a the new pair of Air Jordan 11’s Space Jam Edition due to be released this December. Check it out by clicking the link below:

Top 5 Tuesdays: It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World

It’s like the crazy bum fella who walked into the cafe my friend Leigh was hanging out in pointed out, “This must be the Ro-de-oh coffee shop. Look at all them plaid shirts!” You don’t live in a cave (don’t try to tell me different, you’re on the computer right now!) so I don’t have to tell you that plaid is having a “moment.” A really, really long moment. Over at Monster Vintage, we’re here for you. So I present for your consideration, My Top 5 Favorite Plaid Shirts in the shop. Enjoy!

(Click to enlarge)

What do you think, fellas? Are you rocking plaid this Fall?

Sally “Lumberjack” Mulligan

Sally’s Favorite Steals!

Well, hello there! The recession has given pretty much everyone a little shake up in their life, but I for one was never the kind to let shopping fall by the wayside. Over here at Monster Vintage, we feel your pain. If you’ve ever perused the Monster Vintage site and saw a t-shirt selling for .99 cents, your eyes did not deceive you and it wasn’t a typo. We have all kinds of sweet deals to keep you styling on any budget. Get ready, vintage lovers, Mama Sally is here to showcase some of my favorite steals from the Monster Vintage site.

Numero Uno:
1940s Mink Collar

1940's Mink Collar

This little lady came off of a coat that couldn’t be salvaged and we’re selling it for a scant $9.99! All you do-it-yourself-ers (though I’m sure you’re already overflowing with ideas), how about sewing some pretty ribbon to the underside and tying it around your neck with your vintage favorite cocktail dress? Or as a lovely addition to your favorite coat?

Numero Dos:
Classic Members Only Jacket

Members Only Jacket

Way back before I knew better, I spent almost 30 big ones on a Members Only jacket to call my own. This retro jacket will only set you back $12.99… If “Only” I had known better…

Numero Tres:
Girly Blouse

Scalloped Blouse

This is the sweetest blouse I ever did see, and it will only set you back $2.99. It would cost twice as much at Goodwill! We’re so good to you!

Numero Quatro:
Corduroy Western Shirt

Western Shirt

Western style shirts have been in style for quite a while now, and as a result the prices are going up up up. This shirt has one tiny stain on it, so you can get it for only $9.99. Come on, you were gonna stain it anyway…

Numero Cinco:
Designer Goodies!

Versace blouse

You too can own designer clothes! It’s pretty much always better to buy vintage anyway, so (as long as the condition is excellent) you might as well be cooler than all of your friends and wear deigner and vintage all in one. This Versace blouse is $149.99, and therefore just a tiny little fraction of the original cost. Plus it’s in mint condition!

Stick with me, kiddies. We’ll all get through this together. And stay tuned, because I’m going to be showing you some more super-secret deals soon!


Modern Day Date Digs

With the zing of bitterness passing after wasting two years in a dead relationship I decided I was ready to hit the dating world again. Hello world- I’m 26, single, stylish and ready to snag me Mr. Right… or something like that. So ok, it’s not as easy as it seems. First I found myself skipping the idea of a traditional dinner date, and going for more of a ‘meeting’ at a dive bar (seems way less intimidating). However this shifts the dynamic of ‘dressing up’ for a date. Really, do I want to go out of my way and get dolled up for a casual meeting at dive bar? Not really. Something about old men telling war stories in a dimly lit cheap drink atmosphere doesn’t strike me as the place to sport my best date digs. So as I stood in front of my closet trying to get ready for this said ‘meeting’, yet another dilemma came into sight. My youth is slipping away at a consistent speed, which isn’t bad, but at this point in my life I don’t feel like a low cut shirt and a push up bra is going to leave the right impression (you know, we all have worn something like that on dates in our early 20’s… gravity is on our side, we’re not looking for anything but Mr. Right Now and the early morning walk of shame isn’t really even a walk of shame)… but I digress.

 Bottom line is the age old question of ‘what do you wear on a first date’ has now transformed into a complicated mid 20’s ‘What do you wear on a dive bar date when you are no longer trying to look fun-sexy but more classy-sexy?’ Boy, that’s a mouthful… and so thought provoking.

I tackled this question with a leopard cardigan, a scoop neck tee, red purse (preferably a clutch, it just spices a casual cardigan up without going over the top), and pointy toe flats. Cardigans this year are the key to every woman’s wardrobe. The possibilities are endless. Prints, beaded, embellished, plain, dip dyed, boyfriend length, short, belted, buttoned, open… if only men were this versatile my dating life would be flourishing!


An Introduction

I’m Joni and I’m new to the Monster Vintage blog. I’m Portland-born (though I spent some time on the East coast for a while). Most of my professional experience with apparel and fashion is with new, vintage-inspired rockabilly and pinup clothing– specifically ladies apparel and lingerie based on designs and patterns from the 50s and 60s.  I’m really excited to get the chance to explore and write about vintage clothing and retro styles– the real stuff that contemporary designers try so hard to emulate.

Most of my firsthand knowledge with retro fashion lies comes from the eighties, since I… you know… lived through them and all, and wore my fair share of Gunne Sax. Most of that stuff is coming back into style now, and I’m endlessly amused by my 14 year-old daughter and her friends’ efforts to create outfits that look like my junior high school yearbook (did you know the mullet is making its comeback?) My latest fling is with collecting t-shirts.  I also have a thing for pre-WWII Berlin fashion and art.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perspectives with you, dear readers! 🙂 Joni

How To Wear It: Capes

It’s that time of year (Fall AGAIN, I know!) where it’s getting chilly outside- but it’s not too chilly. And it’s almost certainly the perfect temperature outside for a cape or a poncho. The Fall runways were littered with tailored capes and capelets this year, and who are we to go against nature?
A lovely cape is definitely going to set you apart from the crowd, which makes some people too nervous to try wearing one at all. Well, that’s where we come in. Take a look at how we would wear this awesome Monster Vintage Cape.
Mod Striped Cape
Mod, striped, spectacular. Don’t be afraid!

(Click pic to enlarge)

During the day, I suggest playing up the Mod-ness of the cape with a nautical look. More stripes (you can mix prints, just keep them in the same color family), some simple boots, and little sailor-inspired accessories all help to spotlight this cute capper!

I was always skeptical of trying to pull off a cape with a dress, but I think I have worked out the schematics of it all. Just like with coats, proportion is important. The longer your cape is, the longer a dress you can get away with. If your cape’s hem falls somewhere near your hands, you should keep your dress above your knee. The look is not “Renaissance Faire Worker” this season.* I suggest wearing tights with your dresses in the Fall and Winter anyway, and the rule still applies here. It’s like wearing a puffer coat with flip-flops, as far as I’m concerned. So layer it up, and if your cape is as bright and colorful as this one (or more so) keep the rest of your outfit simple. Use your accessories to pick up the colors in the garment.

See? I told you you can do it. Do you need any advice on how to wear a standout, unique, or seemingly wacky item? Let us know, we’d be happy to help!
Click here to shop for vintage capes and ponchos.

*or ever, for that matter…

It’s Iconic Friday Again, Higgins!

I know, I know. It’s barely Fall, and I was jonesing for it too. But it’s been rainy and yucky this week and it doesn’t help that we are adding a whole bunch of Hawaiian shirts to the store right now, so I can’t help but wish it was Summer again…
So with that in mind I present you with today’s style icon: Magnum P.I.

(click image to enlarge)

Admit it:
No one made Hawaiian shirts look better, or swim trunks as street clothes for that matter. This retro style is back with a vengeance.
All of the clothing items featured are from Monster Vintage. Click here to shop for Hawaiian shirts!


Rare Vintage, Part 1

As anyone who collects rare vintage clothing or other items knows, quality items at a fair price are hard to come by. When collecting vintage clothing or antiques, the condition of the item is very important. Today we want to show you a very rare piece that we have for sale here at Monster Vintage.
I'm the Greatest!
This is an incredibly rare photo shirt from the 70’s. The front features a still from the infamous Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier fight.
Isn’t it stunning?
The thing that makes a collector’s item such as this truly incredible is, in addition to being truly hard to find, is that it is in mint condition.
What’s in your collection, readers? Any scores that you want to tell us about?
Check out our rare finds sections for men and women.