Michael Jordan- The Greatest

With the recent induction of Michael Jordan into the Basketball Hall of Fame, it is necessary to mention the coveted Jordan brand by Nike.  The Jordan brand is what Lexus is to Toyota, it’s what Maybach is to Mercedes. It is an international symbol of the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. Movie stars, singers, actors and just about everyone else will wear an item of Jordan, not only to look cool, but it is as if the wearer owns a piece of Michael Jordan himself, to “Be Like Mike”.  Above is a rare Jordan brand T-shirt before the official start of the Jordan line of products. The proof of this is on the tag: you see two symbols, one is the Nike sign and the other the Jordan silhouette. Vintage Jordan products include both symbols whereas modern Jordan only shows the Jordan symbol. Currently, the Jordan brand is “retro-ing” all the Jordan line from shoes to clothes by combining modern fashion with 80’s colorways and prints. Retro is comin’ back!

Jordan items are hot stuff and only one piece remains so better get in quick. It’s a Space Jam shirt and it will go great with a the new pair of Air Jordan 11’s Space Jam Edition due to be released this December. Check it out by clicking the link below:

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