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Yes and yes!
We have an e-mail list which happens to be exactly the place you can find out about sales we have on the site!
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Sally “Social Butterfly” Mulligan

Iconic Fidays: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my dears! It is with this Hallow-day* in mind that I bring you this Friday’s style icon: Anjelica Huston’s character in 1990’s The Witches.
1940’s silhouettes, jewel tones, fancy hats, bling, and a hatred of children? Miss Eva Ernst (aka “The Grand High Witch”) was ahead of her time! Chic and evil? Always a good look, at least around this time of year.

(click images to enlarge)

Sorry, you’re on your own to find a mask in your likeness. Click here to shop Monster Vintage’s Women Section. All of the garments above list the item number, in case you are interested in buying.
Don’t eat too much candy, this weekend, kiddies!
Sally “Trick or Treat?” Mulligan

*I’m sorry… It’s been a long week!

Tickled by Feathers

About 6 years ago I received a glut of my mom and aunts old jewelry, items from the 70’s and 80’s mostly. One of my favorite finds happened to be a big rounded feather hair piece that looked like something a saucy flapper girl would have worn. Keep in mind this was about 6 years ago, before the recent feather rage. At the time I considered this feathered hair piece to be a hot item, thus I wore it out on the town one night to show it off (I was positive that the feather strategically placed in my perfected wanna-be 20’s hair would come off as vintage sexy)… but from the stares I got it was obvious that the night life crowd just wasn’t ready for the ultra glam movement of ‘I got a bird in my hair’. It was a pity.

 Fast forward 6 years and taa-daa my feathered hair piece isn’t such a fashion disaster after all! Whew! Currently the most popular feather item seems to be the feather peacock headband. Sure it’s cute, but you can pretty much find those little dittys anywhere. I say go all out, amp up the feathered look a bit. Be bold and go for a feathered hat! Mmm, Devine!

Feather hat 1 blog


This weekend in Portland

This weekend my (very lucky!) boss had the opportunity to go to Portland’s Antiques and Collectibles Show at the Expo Center. It’s a very cool event, with no shortage of piles to dig through and goodies to look at. See for yourself!

(click images to enlarge)

Looks like they had just about every imaginable thing.
You can be jealous. I know I am!

Suit Yourself

Recently I was asked: “What’s the sexiest thing a man can wear?”  I replied “Nothing at all”. Clearly this was not the answer my friend was seeking out, for I received the ever annoying eyebrow furrow. Later on over some crème brûlée and an hour of Grey’s Anatomy I contemplated the question again- this time a little more seriously. I decided the next best thing to a naked man would be a man in a dapper looking suit. It must be the whole ‘James Bond’- a man of intrigue aura. But a suit lends its wearer a sexy, confident, mysterious, swoon worthy sex appeal… and come on, what girl doesn’t lose her underwear over a man with those qualities?

So this is a note to you fellas- wear more suits. Don’t limit yourself to only wearing a suit to work, weddings, and funerals. Wear them more often so I, and other like women can lust over you in grocery stores, parks, and city streets across America. Put away your jeans, t-shirts and hobo looks for a day, I beg of you!

Ok, I know some of you guys reading this are thinking: “You know how much of a douchebag I’d look wearing a suit for no reason!” (P.S. The reason is to turn on the ladies, and isn’t that your primal goal anyways? Really, wearing a suit is much less work then other methods to get desired results). For those of you who just don’t see the light I will meet you half way, what about a suit jacket? The suit jacket is always an ever so popular charmer. This look is slightly more casual, but it will still do the trick. If you are really daring you can even go for a velvet jacket- after all the holidays are coming up and velvet is the universal ‘holiday season’ fabric.

Below are recommendations that will turn you into a heartthrob:

Suit Jacket 2


Suit 1


Suit Jacket1


Time for the Coat, Darling

Fall is finally upon us, and with it comes sidewalks covered in red leaves, rain, and warm winter coats. Frugal is, usually, my middle name, but not when it comes to the perfect coat(s). They’re the only things that I can easily spend $200 on without thinking twice. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, and you wear them every day. Also, the perfect coat is the mainstay of your entire winter look. Of course, I go for the more classy, “Oxfordy” look.

Here’s a selection of my favorites from M.V. I wish I could wear all of these, one each day. Click on each image for the details.

Here is your classic, wool tweed coat. It goes with EVERYTHING and always looks good. I must have this.

Picture 5

This 1960’s Gloverall English Duffle is just plain cute. OK, cute isn’t the right word. It’s warm, polished, stylish, and looks like it’ll upgrade any outfit.

Picture 6

Faux fur… kind of nice if you’re going skiing a lot this winter, or just want something a little different, and soft.

Picture 7

OK, you can’t say this one isn’t cool. It is. And it would be perfect to wear out to Happy Hour when it’s cold and rainy outside, and warm and cozy inside.

Picture 8

Why don’t I own all of these? Which do you like best?

Miss Paige

Cloaks, Capes, Ponchos Oh My!

Can’t get enough. Also can’t remember where/when I was first smacked in the head with the obsessive wanting of these warm, toasty, wrap-you-up-like-a-hot-dog perfect winter coat replacements. Found a vintage pattern online and am allllllllmost done sewing up a reversible hooded cloak. The runways, my best friend, stylish street girls, everyone is gaga over cloaks, capes and ponchos. We have the originals online. Grab one and make a pattern…

XO | S.

Iconic Fridays: Paul Newman


(photo source)

Paul Newman is the king of cool. Do you look like this when you’re standing around in such a simple ensemble? I didn’t think so, but I’ll do my best to help you help yourself.

(click to enlarge)

Put your basics to work and rock a classic look like this fellow here. Now throw on a pair of Keds and a great watch. You are ready. Open doors for ladies, light cigarettes for your company, and kick it old school. A vintage wardrobe for a vintage gentleman. Oh, and go for it and roll those pant legs up!

Click here to shop Monster Vintage’s men’s section.


Wardrobe Forecast: Sheepskin Jackets

The leaves have officially changed colors and the Fall fog is rolling in. With Paris Fashion Week at a close, we saw plenty of cold weather options prance down the Frenchie runways and classic leather, skeepskin lined bomber jackets are making their way back onto the backs of stylish gentlemen everywhere from their humble beginnings on Hollywood actors and military aviators in the 1940’s.

Sturdy bomber and trenchcoat style jackets lined in thick, warm sheepskin pile or real fur don’t need much to make a statement. A checkered or paisley scarf perhaps, a mirrored pair of aviator sunglasses, leather gloves…

From Givenchy’s 2008 Fall/Winter line, a single jacket from illustrious Prada and a few juicy options for sale on Monster Vintage:

XO | S.