These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You

So I’m at the mall sipping my over priced coffee and glancing at a girls best friend- shoes, when a young woman saunters into the store sporting short shorts and cowboy boots. I’m not going to lie, my initial reaction was ‘shorts and cowboy boots…?’ but with a second glance I realize there is something less Chuck Norris and more effortlessly down home chic about the cowboy boots being paired with something unexpected. Of course it helped that the girl had legs for miles… but hey, it also hits me that cowboy boots have withstood the test of time. From the rugged down and dirty necessity of the home stead lifestyle, to the foot stomping, kicked back, line dancing country music lifestyle, and now to the trendy slap on cowboy boots with dresses, jeans, shorts for a whatever and whenever casual chic lifestyle. It’s amazing when you think about it, one style of boot can have such a long history, and continually be recycled throughout history and transformed into so many looks.

So I asked myself… why don’t I own a pair of cowboy boots? In my head I started running through my entire closet… 60’s brown and red floral mini dress that I love but have never worn because it’s a bit too Brady Bunch- cowboy boots would update the dress just a enough to not feel so Marsha like! Weird plaid button down top that makes me feel a bit too conservative- cowboy boots would spice it up and take the soccer mom edge off! Skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt- cowboy boots would add a bit of pizzazz to my weekender lazy style. It all becomes clear that I must own a pair of cowboy boots. My wardrobe will thank me. Hopefully cowboys will thank me too (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?).