The Casual Office

Portlanders are officially accepting the clouds, the shorter days, and the faint hint of rain in the air. We can still go out in T-shirts, though layers are re-emerging and we’re entering that awkward time of negotiating climate with fashion and moving from summer to winter’s introduction. We’re all reconsidering the office casual look, while some of us are rediscovering shelved sweaters or hunting for that new pair of black boots.

In an effort to do my part and help out, I give you a recipe for tasteful casual, something you could wear to the office or to the galleries on Last Thursday (or First Friday). It’s simple, really: A good pair of dark jeans– tight at the waist yet boot cut, a good sweater, and a simple top. Maybe a small ganache for wear.

Luckily, Monster Vintage is here to help out. I’ve recreated the look for you: E Voila, what do you think?

Miss Paige

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