Soooo High School, Pt. 2

by Sally Mulligan

Wecome back to Soooo High School, where we explore the hidden fashion icons who were lurking the halls of your high school back in the day! Let us know where you fit in! Today we are bringing back the style of the girl that we all loved to hate: The Tease. With bustier tops, nosebleed platforms and body-con all back in style, The Girl With a Reputation is as stylish as she ever was. The thing to remember about the tease is that, more so than most other stereotypes we will be exploring, her look is calculated every step of the way, and yet one can never look like they are trying too hard. Every (scant) inch of clothing, every accessory is meant to titillate and, well, tease.
To make this look wearable, the key is to take a few components of this vixen’s style and discard the rest. Too much skin is never a good look. The vibe I was going for here (in an effort to not be mistaken for a hooker) is Kelly-Bundy-with-a-Lolita-twist to keep things slightly more innocent. A few young, sweet touches, like heart shaped sunglasses and floral prints keep this look fresh. Keep the hair and make-up simple so that you can still get away with sky-high shoes!

the tease

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