Personally, I Like YouTube Videos of Puppies Better!

Hey! I’m Annie. I’m a 26-year-old Portland transplant from the Midwest, a freelance writer, and a big fan of vintage clothing and accessories (especially the affordable kind!). I dig crappy 80s movies, YouTube videos of cats, laughing too loudly, and exchanging my old duds for extra beer money. I like mixing new and old, classic basics and oddities, and creatively repurposing ensembles to make them my own. My wardrobe consists of odds and ends from garage sales, consignment stores, and dependable basics from the retail giants we love to hate. Nostalgia is a huge creative catalyst for me (both at work and at play) and Denise is my favorite Huxtable (due in no small part, to her impeccable fashion sense). I’m looking forward to sharing my fashion observations and sources of inspiration on the Monster Vintage blog!