Soooo High School, Pt. 3

by Sally Mulligan

Today on Soooo High School, we are exploring the hidden style icons lurking the science lab: The Nerds. With modern takes on brogue shoes, pleated trousers and paid button-ups all hitting the runways and the streets this year, the nerd is making the biggest comeback. The funnest way to channel your inner (and outer) geekdom is to put a menswear spin on it. After all, I can’t remember a time when I ever appreciated nerd-girl style. Think of the 80’s classic Revenge of the Nerds– the boys had all of the fashionable fun, and the girls got unfortunate floral prints and shoulder pads. High-waisted, flooded pants, sweater vests, ties and suspenders all have their place in this look, while a pair of thick-framed glasses and leather accessories- belts, shoes, briefcases and backpacks top it all off.
Here are a few pieces from Monster Vintage that can help you geek out:






HS Clique: The Nerds

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A Vintage Wedding

Last week, quite unexpectedly and during a wild rave in the burning deserts of Nevada, my partner popped the question. The answer opens all sorts of doors to dresses, rings, people, celebration, and a new phase of life. A phase that I’m happy and excited to enter into… and one involving fashion. Perusing Monster Vintage, I wonder about Vintage Wedding Celebrations. What if I wore a Vintage wedding dress? Can the dress itself be white and borrowed, killing two birds with one stone? Do I want to use that sort of metaphor? What about designers like Frocky Jack Morgan who rip used wedding dresses apart to create their own beautiful, matrimonial attire? One of my favorite blogs, Snippet and Ink, brought up wedding dresses by J.Crew today… of course they were terrible, cheap contraptions that I would expect to find at Target. What if, instead, you got married in this 1980s  Saks Alley Beaded Silver Suit? What does Frocky Jack say? I bet she would find it too perfect to touch.

Miss Paige

Katy Perry’s Vintage Look

By: Emerald Lavender

Super-Famous singer Katy Perry adores vintage clothing. At every award show or interview, she is sporting vintage clothing from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  My feelings are that she loves vintage and is liable to be seen in get-ups from ANY time period. I admire her willingness to stand out from the crowd with her choice of attire. Her bustier style clothing is always  form-fitting and alluring. has a wide assortment of vintage  halter tops, jumpers, and bathing suits that look as if they could possibly be Ms Perry’s taste! Check em out!

Soooo High School, Pt. 2

by Sally Mulligan

Wecome back to Soooo High School, where we explore the hidden fashion icons who were lurking the halls of your high school back in the day! Let us know where you fit in! Today we are bringing back the style of the girl that we all loved to hate: The Tease. With bustier tops, nosebleed platforms and body-con all back in style, The Girl With a Reputation is as stylish as she ever was. The thing to remember about the tease is that, more so than most other stereotypes we will be exploring, her look is calculated every step of the way, and yet one can never look like they are trying too hard. Every (scant) inch of clothing, every accessory is meant to titillate and, well, tease.
To make this look wearable, the key is to take a few components of this vixen’s style and discard the rest. Too much skin is never a good look. The vibe I was going for here (in an effort to not be mistaken for a hooker) is Kelly-Bundy-with-a-Lolita-twist to keep things slightly more innocent. A few young, sweet touches, like heart shaped sunglasses and floral prints keep this look fresh. Keep the hair and make-up simple so that you can still get away with sky-high shoes!

the tease

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By: Emerald Lavender has a wide array of vintage clothing and accesories that appeal to a myriad of styles and personalities. Here are a few of my favorite dresses!

1970’s Mint Julep Gown

1970's mint julep

Firstly, the color of this gown is phenomenal. Reminds me of Girl Scout Thin Mints. This grown screams elegance and class. The cut of the dress is flattering to a variety of figures with its low empire waist and diamond cut capped sleeves.

1950’s Saks Fifth Avenue Dress

1950's saks

This dress is simply gorgeous. I channel Audrey Hepburn when I look at this dress with those huge fluttering eyelashes. Chocolate covered with embroidered flowers, this dress is sophistication personified.

Late 1940’s Cocktail Froc Dress

1940's Cocktail Frock

This 1940’s Cocktail dress is so cute! Actually, I wouldn’t mind owning this dress. Sequin Appliqué flowers and asymmetrical waistline set it apart from the lot. It’s in Mint Condition! I would urge you to purchase it, but I have got my eye on it! Better get it before I do!

Alexander McQueen | Cruise 2010

Shout out to Monster Vintage’s newest honey bee to the hive, Miss Angie, who comes to us from Romania, speaks a few languages, sews and tailors and haberdashes her ass off making wicked feathered headdresses, oversized hooded tube dresses, and dresses herself in pearlescent leggings and colorful mini dresses. One more “dresses” for good measure.

Miss Angie started seamstressing for us yesterday and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. She attends the Art Institute in lovely downtown Portland and participates in fashion shows and other fun filled events around town. We’ll post some of her work soon.

On our lunch break yesterday, she put me on to the oozing-with-talent Mr. Alexander McQueen’s 2010 Cruise line which, as viewed above, can only be described as ohmygoodnessgorgeous. Perfectly calculated geometric two-piece designs in juicy eye popping colorways, 80’s tinged paint splattered skinny jeans and couture blazers and square shouldered futuristic dresses that nod approvingly to the Grace Jones period of style. I love. Love. Love.

Angie and I will be re-working some of Monster Vintage’s floor-length gowns and putting them on the site for sale. Especially the loud patterned ones and for any piece that needs it? Shoulder pads baby! Shoulder pads.

Happy Thursday!

XO | S.


burgundy track jacket

By: Emerald Lavender

My husband and I were taking a stroll around our neighborhood yesterday. It was around dusk. The weather outside was absolutely perfect. Not too cool or humid. Fall is both our favorite season. I am a big Lacoste fan for winter clothing because of its classic look and vibrant colors. I can appreciate the small alligator, not too busy, just minding his own business. Lacoste has a rich history of making quality, high end clothing. has a wide selection of Vintage Lacoste sweaters, jackets, and those famous collared button downs. even has a Vintage Lacoste pink dress! To check them out, enter Lacoste in the site’s search engine on the top right hand corner of the screen!  Happy Shopping!