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Vinnie writes us with this week’s conundrum:

That’s probably the look I get when I have to dress up for special occasions!
I guess you might say that I’m fashionably challenged. I don’t really shop for clothes and accept gladly all that is given but that is starting to leave me in some rather awkward situos where at least some attention to attire is expected by dem who make the nasty looks. My mom is getting married soon and I would really like to not completely embarrass her in front of the new family… so I thought I’d ask what you guys and gals thought might work for that; if you’ve got something available I would be happy to take a look but I don’t have much $$ (even if I did I’m cheap:) The wedding won’t be too formal but as I said, some attention will be expected and I’m at a complete and utter loss as to what I should wear!!
Thanks for any pointers,
– Vinnie the Vintage Bummer

Dearest Vinnie,
First off, congrats to your mom! How exciting!
Don’t bum out! I feel your pain, buddy! My mom got married a few summer’s ago and she is a bit of a square (cover up all my tattoos at a Summer wedding?! HA!) And who doesn’t want to look fabulous and have a good time at a wedding? Let’s see what we can do for you.
The key to fitting in at a party is a good fit (get it?) Nobody has ever gone wrong with a tailored jacket and pants. Especially in a more casual setting, try out cuffing your trousers or rolling up your sleeves to see how that jives with you. Although a tie doesn’t appear to be necessary, if you’re trying to look a little snazzier I would say go for it. In my personal opinion, the skinnier the tie the better! If you are forgoing the jacket altogether, I would recommend that you opt for either a nice vest or a cardigan sweater to tie your look together. Polish it all off with some snazzy, clean leather shoes. As far as looking put together looks, I would also recommend that you stick to a somewhat monotone look, with one or two (matching!) pops of color. I’m a big fan of a navy blue, black or grey suit with, say, a red tie and suspenders. You want it to look fresh and show some personality, after all.

My last piece of advice is to make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes and feel confident in your look. OWN IT!
Here are some pieces from the site you might like to try:

And here are some other visuals courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes and Darling Dexter to help give you an idea of what might work:

(click picures to enlarge)

What do you think? Can you get down with this kind of look? I hope we helped, Vinnie. We didn’t get your e-mail address, but if you want to shoot us an e-mail at we’ll give you a 25% off discount for the site- then you can still be a cheapskate!

Dressing Sexy in the 60’s

By: Emerald Lavender

Vintage Lady

Though the 1960’s were some time ago, I adore the fashion and fit of the clothing from that era. The clothing of an era era displays an attitude and shift in thought process. Women were embracing their feminity while still painting sensual silhouettes with their attire. Extra fitting and flattering!  MonsterVintage has tons of 1960’s dresses to choose from at reasonable prices.

1960’s Strawberry Colored Dress

1960's Red Jane Austin Dress

1960’s Mint Julep Dress

1960's Mint Julep Dress

1960’s Spring Wiggle Dress

1960's Spring Wiggle Dress

1 (crazy) top, 4 ways

You know how you’ll be out on the hunt, shopping at a vintage store, and a unique piece will catch your eye on the rack? But it seems a little too unique, so you pass. How in the heck would you wear that thing, anyway?! Well, we’re here to help!

While this standout sequin number (courtesy of monster vintage!) might, um, make you stand out, all it really takes is a few basics and some confidence to make it work for any time of day. Check it out:

(click image to enlarge)
1. Errands Throw on your favorite jeans, a tank top underneath and a cardigan over this piece to tone it down, and no one at the grocery store will think you’re a weirdo.
2. Drinks with the girls Play up the colors of the top with a bright bag or other accesory, but keep the rest of the outfit simple and late-night.
3. Date night You can definitely have a little more fun on date night. Throw the cropped top over your fave LBD and prepare for drool. Add some fun jewelry (nothing that will be in too close proximity to the sequined top, though) and killer shoes.
4. Concert Stand out from the crowd (surfers) in rockin’ over-the-knee boots and (gasp!) nothing more than your cutest bra underneath this lace number. Throw on a cross-body bag-you won’t have to hold it all night- and a cute hair accessory and prepare to get out yer seat and jump around!

What do you think, dear readers? Would you ever think to buy this crazy top?
Let us know if you need some styling tips for a unique piece you saw/own. We’d be happy to help!
xoxo, sally

Collab Alert: threeASFOUR x Yoko Ono

Designers Adi, Ange, and Gabi of threeASFOUR have collaborated with fashion icon (and all around classy broad) Yoko Ono for their Spring 2010 collection, which they will be showing this Thursday at Milk Studios. Items from the collection have been inspired by Yoko’s drawings, which threeASFOUR printed on to fabric to create what I’m sure will be some sartorial yumminess! The collection will coincide with the release of Yoko’s new album “Between My Head and the Sky,” which is out on September 22nd. Do you love it so far?

You can check out more behind-the-scenes photo action here and read more about threeASFOUR here.

Office Politics as Usual

By; Emerald Lavender



MonsterVintage offers a plethora of vintage modern and contemporary suits to make you the fashion-stand-out at the office.  The professional look can be so sassy with the right fit and accessories. You are sure to turn heads while you walk your pretty self to the water cooler. Here are a couple ladies suits and accessories that I think are FAB!  This 1950’s Pinstripe one-piece suit would be nice paired with these beautiful clear beads. I imagine a very simple hair-do, like a high pony tail, pulled tight, looking sleek. The 1980’s Cotton Candy colored suit would be fierce with the Icey Bauble earrings. I visualize beautiful bouncy curls with this ensemble, playful and pretty.

Ask Monster Vintage!

Do you need any style advice or help? How to wear that unique vintage piece you bought and not look crazy? Advice on what to wear/where to shop for fall? Does a new trend have you confused? All the stylish peeps at Monster Vintage are here to help! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at support@monstervintage and we’ll be sure and get back to you!