Meet Britt!

Hey, Vintage Monsters, meet our newest blogger! Please give Miss Brittlyn a warm welcome!

Writing an intro always seems like a daunting task, how do you talk about yourself without boring people to tears or making people think you’re self-indulgent? It’s all about balance I guess, so I will try to keep this little intro about myself short and sweet, and littered with pertinent facts!

First and for most I have a love affair with coffee, while this may not seem like a pertinent fact I assure you it is… I live in Portland after all, it’s all about Micro-brews and coffee shops on every street corner. Next, you may be wondering why I wanted to become a Monster Vintage Blogger. Yes, obviously I love all things vintage. While my fashion sense is all over the map my creative inspiration is usually drawn from the 40’s and 50’s. I went to school for Apparel Design and I was the girl who was always designing something ‘vintage-esque’, preferably a little more of a naughty pin-up vintage-esque… thank you Bettie Page. To pay tribute to the pin-up ladies of the 40’s and 50’s I wear red lipstick almost everyday. You’d be surprised to find out that red lipstick matches with everything, yeah that’s right I said everything (perhaps I will blog about the wonders of red lipstick!). Bottom line is I appreciate the design aesthetic of vintage style- whether it be clothes or decor.