Ask Monster Vintage!

Do you need any style advice or help? How to wear that unique vintage piece you bought and not look crazy? Advice on what to wear/where to shop for fall? Does a new trend have you confused? All the stylish peeps at Monster Vintage are here to help! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at support@monstervintage and we’ll be sure and get back to you!

2 thoughts on “Ask Monster Vintage!”

  1. That’s probably the look I get when I have to dress up for special occasions!

    I guess you might say that I’m fashionably challenged. I don’t really shop for clothes and accept gladly all that is given but that is starting to leave me in some rather awkward situos where at least some attention to attire is expected by dem who make the nasty looks. My mom is getting married soon and I would really like to not completely embarrass her in front of the new family… so I thought I’d ask what you guys and gals thought might work for that; if you’ve got something available I would be happy to take a look but I don’t have much $$ (even if I did I’m cheap:) The wedding won’t be too formal but as I said, some attention will be expected and I’m at a complete and utter loss as to what I should wear!!

    Thanks for any pointers,
    – Vinnie the Vintage Bummer

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