What I love about 50s and 60s fashion is that everything seemed so purposeful and intentional—nothing was really created by accident. When you purchased some article of clothing it wasn’t necessarily trendy; it was a skillfully crafted piece. I think that’s part of why vintage fashions have stood the test of time; trends are cyclical yes, but there’s a reason why 40 year old cashmere sweaters still look fresh today: they were crafted with care and attention to detail, not haphazardly pieced together en masse for the mall.

While I love Casual Fridays as much as the next girl, I would relish a return to a more tailored weekly dress code. [Joan Holloway anyone?] But I’m not sure I could realistically make the jump from trouser jeans to a tailored suit in one fell swoop. Instead? I’ve started wearing one of my grandmother’s gold twisted tassel necklaces. The same necklace I used as costume jewelry growing up is now adding a touch of sophistication to my typical tank tops and t-shirts. It’s somewhere in between overly casual and to the nines—just what I’m looking for!