The Blonds | Vintage Barbie

This July, Barbie, everyone’s favorite love-to-hate childhood doll, turned 50 (all the anti-aging cream and pilates paid off). To celebrate, New York designing duo and seamstress savants The Blonds took bedazzlers, studs, crystals and sparkled lycra in fist and created an entire runway show idolizing the anatomical wonder’s best outfits from over the decades. The result was like much else touched by David and Phillipe Blond; high adrenaline couture at it’s shocking best.

Which Barbie redux vintage dress is your fav?

XO | S.

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Style Icon Friday!

Punky Brewster!
Punky Brewster!
Punky Brewster is!
She never shied away from color or accesories. I copped her style for a serious chunk of my childhood.
The denim cutoff vests covered in pins and ripped jeans? Actually pretty punk! And remember that “Just Say No” episode where Punky’s new friends were doing drugs? Punky was so punk, she was Straight Edge.

What I love about 50s and 60s fashion is that everything seemed so purposeful and intentional—nothing was really created by accident. When you purchased some article of clothing it wasn’t necessarily trendy; it was a skillfully crafted piece. I think that’s part of why vintage fashions have stood the test of time; trends are cyclical yes, but there’s a reason why 40 year old cashmere sweaters still look fresh today: they were crafted with care and attention to detail, not haphazardly pieced together en masse for the mall.

While I love Casual Fridays as much as the next girl, I would relish a return to a more tailored weekly dress code. [Joan Holloway anyone?] But I’m not sure I could realistically make the jump from trouser jeans to a tailored suit in one fell swoop. Instead? I’ve started wearing one of my grandmother’s gold twisted tassel necklaces. The same necklace I used as costume jewelry growing up is now adding a touch of sophistication to my typical tank tops and t-shirts. It’s somewhere in between overly casual and to the nines—just what I’m looking for!



Personally, I Like YouTube Videos of Puppies Better!

Hey! I’m Annie. I’m a 26-year-old Portland transplant from the Midwest, a freelance writer, and a big fan of vintage clothing and accessories (especially the affordable kind!). I dig crappy 80s movies, YouTube videos of cats, laughing too loudly, and exchanging my old duds for extra beer money. I like mixing new and old, classic basics and oddities, and creatively repurposing ensembles to make them my own. My wardrobe consists of odds and ends from garage sales, consignment stores, and dependable basics from the retail giants we love to hate. Nostalgia is a huge creative catalyst for me (both at work and at play) and Denise is my favorite Huxtable (due in no small part, to her impeccable fashion sense). I’m looking forward to sharing my fashion observations and sources of inspiration on the Monster Vintage blog!

The Casual Office

Portlanders are officially accepting the clouds, the shorter days, and the faint hint of rain in the air. We can still go out in T-shirts, though layers are re-emerging and we’re entering that awkward time of negotiating climate with fashion and moving from summer to winter’s introduction. We’re all reconsidering the office casual look, while some of us are rediscovering shelved sweaters or hunting for that new pair of black boots.

In an effort to do my part and help out, I give you a recipe for tasteful casual, something you could wear to the office or to the galleries on Last Thursday (or First Friday). It’s simple, really: A good pair of dark jeans– tight at the waist yet boot cut, a good sweater, and a simple top. Maybe a small ganache for wear.

Luckily, Monster Vintage is here to help out. I’ve recreated the look for you: E Voila, what do you think?

Miss Paige

Picture 5

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 7

Juliette Hogan NOMNOMNOM

In case you haven’t noticed, we here at Monster Vintage love, um, vintage. But what stylish person doesn’t get a heart flutter when perusing (drooling over?) all the Fall runway shows? And when those fashions reference some of my favorite vintage styles and eras, all the better!
These are my favorite looks from Juliette Hogan’s F/W 2009 line. There is something so 40’s and 50’s and ladylike about these pieces- the fact that the line is called “Mind your manners…” doesn’t hurt- but the silhouettes and the styling are so modern!

(click to enlarge)

You like?
While you go check out her site, I’m going to go but some leather gloves and learn how to mix prints. See ya!

Why Buy and Wear Vintage?

Why do you do it, readers?
There are many different reasons to buy and wear vintage clothing. It’s often less expensive than buying new clothes, with tailored and handmade pieces from the past selling for a fraction of what it might cost new at a department store today. Plus, given how cyclical fashion is and that everything will come back into fashion at one time or another, it can be pretty easy to keep up on today’s trends by wearing clothes from past decades. The thought of wearing something more unique and possibly one of a kind comes to mind.
Perhaps, with everybody and their mother “going green,” you simply like the idea of reusing everything, including clothing, and reducing your carbon footprint. Are you a “thrill of the chase” kind of shopper? Shopping at a big-time clothing store or chain can be daunting, sorting through racks of cookie cutter clothes. But finding a one of a kind gem on the rack at your local thrift shop? That’s something to brag about! Maybe you even see vintage as an investment, and collect rare vintage pieces?
Why do you wear vintage clothing?

These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You

So I’m at the mall sipping my over priced coffee and glancing at a girls best friend- shoes, when a young woman saunters into the store sporting short shorts and cowboy boots. I’m not going to lie, my initial reaction was ‘shorts and cowboy boots…?’ but with a second glance I realize there is something less Chuck Norris and more effortlessly down home chic about the cowboy boots being paired with something unexpected. Of course it helped that the girl had legs for miles… but hey, it also hits me that cowboy boots have withstood the test of time. From the rugged down and dirty necessity of the home stead lifestyle, to the foot stomping, kicked back, line dancing country music lifestyle, and now to the trendy slap on cowboy boots with dresses, jeans, shorts for a whatever and whenever casual chic lifestyle. It’s amazing when you think about it, one style of boot can have such a long history, and continually be recycled throughout history and transformed into so many looks.

So I asked myself… why don’t I own a pair of cowboy boots? In my head I started running through my entire closet… 60’s brown and red floral mini dress that I love but have never worn because it’s a bit too Brady Bunch- cowboy boots would update the dress just a enough to not feel so Marsha like! Weird plaid button down top that makes me feel a bit too conservative- cowboy boots would spice it up and take the soccer mom edge off! Skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt- cowboy boots would add a bit of pizzazz to my weekender lazy style. It all becomes clear that I must own a pair of cowboy boots. My wardrobe will thank me. Hopefully cowboys will thank me too (hey, a girl can dream can’t she?).


Meet Britt!

Hey, Vintage Monsters, meet our newest blogger! Please give Miss Brittlyn a warm welcome!

Writing an intro always seems like a daunting task, how do you talk about yourself without boring people to tears or making people think you’re self-indulgent? It’s all about balance I guess, so I will try to keep this little intro about myself short and sweet, and littered with pertinent facts!

First and for most I have a love affair with coffee, while this may not seem like a pertinent fact I assure you it is… I live in Portland after all, it’s all about Micro-brews and coffee shops on every street corner. Next, you may be wondering why I wanted to become a Monster Vintage Blogger. Yes, obviously I love all things vintage. While my fashion sense is all over the map my creative inspiration is usually drawn from the 40’s and 50’s. I went to school for Apparel Design and I was the girl who was always designing something ‘vintage-esque’, preferably a little more of a naughty pin-up vintage-esque… thank you Bettie Page. To pay tribute to the pin-up ladies of the 40’s and 50’s I wear red lipstick almost everyday. You’d be surprised to find out that red lipstick matches with everything, yeah that’s right I said everything (perhaps I will blog about the wonders of red lipstick!). Bottom line is I appreciate the design aesthetic of vintage style- whether it be clothes or decor.