The Generic Man… be still, heart

So, I just discovered The Generic Man, which creates the most beautiful womens leather…. riding-style shoes. They look like a walk in the countryside, like horse riding and hay, like hard wood floors and a breath of old, English books and sophistication. Of course, I need these. I bought a vintage pair that looks *almost* like them last week, actually, but my mom and I couldn’t (and still can’t) decide if my shoes are for men or women. They look like mens shoes, though they seem like they’re made for women? So I’ve been hesitant to wear them at the office… but with these new beauts from The Generic Man, I think I’ll flash my Oxford “slippers” the next time the air calls for anything but flip flops.

Miss Paige

Eat it or wear it?

By: Emerald Lavender

Dark Chocolate Marshmellow Wedge. Choco Berry Fab Cookie. Blackberry Smores. Pastry Turnovers anyone?

Am I talking about the foods you stay away from on your low calorie, low fat, and low carb diet? No, I am talking about the Pastry line designed by Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Pastry was launched in 2007 with 4 shoes. Now Pastry is multi-million dollar empire with talks of retail stores. These twenty-something entrepreneurs are the daughters of the Rev Run of Run DMC. Run DMC merged urban and rock together with their cult classic, “Rock this Way,” featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. And who could forget those ADIDAS??

I guess you could say, like father, like daughters. These young ladies have merged hip hop and alternative to create a refreshing, innovative, alternative and urban line. GO GIRLZ!!!!

The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets

The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets
By: Emerald Lavender

Everyone loves a good Letterman Jacket. Just the sight of one sparks the nostalgic memories of youthful high school and college days. These jackets were usually worn by athletic guys who were coveted by many girls. You can see this vintage tradition currently being worn by the likes of Kanye West or in pictures of the late Michael Jackson (just to name a few). These jackets are mass produced by a variety of designers. Designers continue to evolve this creation to match the feel and style of today’s fashion while still preserving its intended appearance. Letterman Jackets preppy and distinguished look are achieved with color blocks, clean lines, and a HUGE letter on the front of the jacket.

In my research I found that a “Letterman” was an athlete or member of an organized team who had achieved a certain qualification or standard. The term comes from awarding a cloth “letter” to the player or participant. These letters were usually the school’s initials. It all started at Harvard, in 1865. The Harvard baseball team added an Old English “H” to a gray flannel shirt. The football team started to use the “H” in 1875.

From the Letterman’s introduction in 1865, it has separated the elite from the not-so-elite. No wonder why they make gals feel so special! Now anyone can buy a Letterman’s Jacket to get that “preppy” and distinguished look. On there is a large variety of authentic Letterman Jackets for sale, so you can channel your inner “Ivey Leaguer!” Good fashion doesn’t go out of style, it reinvents itself. And…………. That’s The Truth Behind Letterman Jackets.

Introducing…Mrs. Emerald Lavender

Morning lovebugs! Monster Vintage is super excited to introduce you to Mrs. Emerald Lavender, our newest blog writing, fashion loving, baked spaghetti eating, globe trotting voice from Goldsboro, North Carolina where, “Yes,” she told us, “it’s as country as it sounds”.

Graduating from Raleigh, N.C. with a B.A. in English, Emerald just returned to the states from a three year stint in Japan where she soaked in the all the Japanese admiration for urban wear. Her extreme fashion loves are runway show, new designers and polka dots. A Christian Dior fan for life – “Dior’s designs are classic and timeless” – one of Emerald’s prized possessions is a white gold Christian Dior watch she purchased while living in Japan. The one item in her wardrobe that she cannot live without is her dark denim stretch jeans. “I have so many pairs of jeans but those hug my body and give a little mercy where needed”, she said.

Welcome Emerald!

XO | S.

Betsey Johnson’s Prom Fashion Show

Betsey Johnson, the absolutely fabulous New York designer of all things foufy, poufy and tea dressy recently had a birthday and while searching for those pictorial highlights, we came across these; Betsey Johnson’s Prom Fashion Show. They are every bit Betsey – dipped in candy coated pastel colors, stuffed with layers of stiff crinoline and covered in polka dotted lace trim and solid satins. Accessories include Alice In Wonderland hair bows, flower wrist and neck corsages and mod sunshades.

Below are photos from A Very Fashionable Prom with dress designs by Johnson. Enjoy!

XO | S.

All Points West Music & Arts Festival, NYC

The following fun, muddy photos are from New York’s recent All Points West Music & Arts Festival. Agyness Deyn was spotted loitering at the VIP booths and hip hop tycoon Jay-Z and little miss Lykke Li performed, among others. It appears to have been a veritable East cost mini-Woodstockpalooza with bare feet (when the gladiator sandals came off), feathered hair pieces, torn vintage tee shirts, cuff-off denim jean shorts and patterned wrap shawl dresses.

XO | S.