DSquared | Spring 2010

Happy Thursday everybody! The sun is shining here in Portland and it looks to be an amazing day. Picked up my drink du jour at Sheridan’s Fruit Company this morning – a vanilla latte. The girls behind the bar and I have a good relationship. I smile and place my order, they walk to find me wandering the food aisles to give me said drink. It’s beautiful. Remind me to bring those girls some hand-picked backyard flowers.

Going to a fashion show this evening downtown with a halftime performance by our very own Oregon Ballet Theatre. Free food and drinks before the first walk. Bringing Intern Rose with me!

It’s my folks’ 31st anniversary today! Aww. I love them. They love each other. To celebrate, they’re buying a new eco-friendly refrigerator. Our old one has served its cold purpose for yeeeeeeeears. It’s time to upgrade. I think we’re going to spring for a fancy dinner out at Peruvian sweetheart restaurant Andina tonight, pre-fashion show. What a grand day. Lovely.

Here’re the pics for the day, with credit to DSquared, a super fun men’s line. I adore the Boy Scout / Camping Outdoorsy / Nerdy look complete with patched oxfords, distressed Levis, galoshes, printed skittle colored hoodies, plaid button-ups, skinny ties, baseball caps and the essential black-rimmed eye glasses.

I’ve put some of our own Monster Vintage vault goodies and their corresponding item numbers below the runway shots. And look out for a uploaded flurry of perfectly worn-in original Levi’s 501s on our site soon!!! Amber and I went through a huge stack of them this week and they’re delicious. Enjoy!

Similar runway goodies from the Monster Vintage vault!:

Trucker Hat Item # 18552

Classic Black & Satin Tuxedo Top Item # 20538

Skinny Tie Item # 20490

Original Boy Scout Shirt Item # 17860

Another Original Boy Scout Shirt Item # 20541

Authentic Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt Item # 12535

Authentic Mickey Mouse Hoodie Item # 18775

Plaid Oxford Shirt Item # 20593

Plaid Oxford Shirt Item # 20612

Awesome Suspenders! Item # 20117

501 Levi’s Jeans, perfectly worn-in. Cut to make summer shorts! Item # 18564

More perfectly distressed Levi 501’s Blue Jeans. Cut into summer shorts! Item # 20740

Have yourself a wonderful day.

XO | S.