View from the Clubhouse

I realized last night that if I brought the digi camera into work this morning, I could start photographing the inside of our world and sharing it with y’all! Yippee skippee. It’s about to get fun…

A handmade sign for Amber’s awesome bizaar fair held at Montage Restaurant and Bar (they serve Alligator and wrap all food leftovers in tin foil crafted animals and other amazing shapes) a few weeks ago.

Glass cases of Monster Vintage bejewled bedazzlement.

A peek inside the magic warehouse! One of many boxes of vintage fox, rabbit and mink.

We have this amazing bookcase filled with department store cataloges and vintage magazines. You used to be able to mail order everything, including the kitchen sink!

A rack of clothing waiting to be assessed and added to the website. This Western leather vest will make somebody out on the range very happy.

A desk full of goodies. We have lots of scenes like this spread around the warehouse. It makes for the most visually stimulating job geography ever.

The growing glossy magazine wall above my desk. Woot.

Our ceiling. Outstanding, I know. Sesame Street is always in the house.

More ceiling. This Japanese Koi fish looks over our vintage world and brings us good luck.

Our black, metal warehouse door to the world!

And the beautiful Portland street view just outside.

Send us snaps of your work space and tell us why your gig makes you happy!

XO | S.