Salvatore Ferragamo | Men’s Spring 2010

Ohhhh! I love Mr. Ferragamo’s take on next year’s Spring Ready To Wear line! So Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy! (remember Miss Madonna in that flick?!) Save for the screaming tangerine color used to saturate some of the line’s oxfords and smoking jackets, this collection is an homage to 1930’s American Police Detectives with striking black and white slim tailored suits, trench coats with extra long coat tails, sharp ribbon adorned straw and felt Fedoras, shiny wingtips, flowing slacks, strong jawlines and broad shoulders. Handsome like whoah.

Salvatore also throws in thickly cabled knit and barely there mesh sweaters in all shades of white, cream and vanilla.

We have wonderful suits from the 30’s and 40’s on the site right now. And cable sweaters. And Fedoras…

Here’s a slightly corny trailer for Dick Tracy. This is another movie from my childhood, produced by Disney in 1990. I used to pretend I was Madge and dance around singing songs off the soundtrack.

XO | S.