Balenciaga | Cruise Line 2010

From one of the most sought-after couture (and shoe!) mansions in the world, it’s Balenciaga’s turn at Spring wear. Classically true to the house, we get cinched and ballooned waistlines mixed with very fitted and intricate leather bomber jackets, a two-tiered Southwestern style ruffle dress paired with amazing textured bootie heels, plaid and mini polka-dotted oxfords with starched Edwardian necklines and over sized front waist bows fit for the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland and skinny black pants (still in style). Minimal jewelry and accessories for a slightly androgynous appeal.

XO | S.

Lanvin | Cruise 2010

Oh, I LOVE Lanvin. Alber Elbaz, you are a genius and a gift to women everywhere!

For Lanvin’s Spring 2010 line, the man behind the fashion house’s most inspiring designs is giving us a bag of confetti with silver sequined pantsuits, billowing skirts, wrap-around sheer tunics and safari oxfords, all fondued in flowery leis, straw hats brimming with decorative trinkets, white-rimmed sunglasses and Skittle-colored heels. Bravo sir, and thank you.

XO | S.

Iconic Friday | Marlon Brando

First, respect and thanks paid to one of my besties, Ragen Fykes, for the inspiration to continue the trend she started long ago when she diligently posted a weekly boy fetish called, Man Friday, on the blog that she and I share. It was a brilliant idea and one that I know a lot of us enjoyed and looked forward to each week. It was like, Happy Friday! Here’s a present! At least that’s how I felt every Friday. So, in ode to her and her fabulousness and for the heart and growth of our business blog, Amber and I are super duper excited to begin Iconic Friday, a weekly kiss blown to one of our favorite and most juicy icons from the past. Especially with regard to their personal fashion and style statement to the world.

Enough emo blabbing. Amber’s pick this week is none other than Mr. Marlon Brando. His younger (and umm, more handsome) days were spent lounging around Hollywood film sets in plain white tees and ribbed wife beaters, cuffed and worn-in blue jeans, black motorcycle jackets, sometimes zippered plaid wool coats, sailor and newsboy caps and dock shoes. Simple, sexy, rugged and masculine, without trying hard or ever looking like he would be afraid to get his hands dirty.

Until next week! And please, drop us a note at to let us know who you’d like to stare at on your computer screen for more Iconic Friday posts. We’ll shout you out! Woot.

XO | S.

BriAnne Wills | Photogs We ♥


The lovely and uber talented Portland photographer and feline lover BriAnne Wills just posted these incredible new snaps on her blog and I think they are so delicious. The colors in the first set are edibly bright and the setting, scene and vintage outfits are marvelous. The black & white set are fierce, stark and minimalistically perfect. BriAnne is a queen of the B&W. One day soon, she will bless us with a Monster Vintage look book and we will all be happy and dance a ring around the rosey.

Find more BriAnne here, here and here.

XO | S.

Louis Vuitton | Cruise Line 2010

It’s that time of year. Everyone who lives in a European fashion house is pulling out their cruise, summer holiday, beach and resort lines. How fun is this?!

From the castle of Louis Vuitton comes nautical stripes and rope belts, short and cut-out silhouettes in punchy denim blue, Parisian berets, edible colors like lemon meringue, all-over print handbags, stacked heel booties and sharply cuffed slacks.

For the fellas, Vuitton’s inspired by 007 sharp and classically cut Bond suits and an accessorized London street look with cuffed khakis, outerwear jackets and print scarves.

XO | S.

Diane von Furstenberg | Resort Line 2010

Go Diane, go. So fun – Loud vivacious prints in bold colorways, shapes and designs, all topped off with over sized, Alice in Wonderland hair bows in contrasting dress prints and solids. This line makes me want to paint my nails juice box colors and book a flight to the islands with the boyfriend, who will wear lots of linen and mesh, accordingly. Or with the best girl friends, who will all don Furstenberg fits, of course.

Anyone going anywhere fun and tropical this summer? And more importantly, what are you going to wear?!

XO | S.

More Massive 7 Flicks!

So umm, yeah. The rumor that The Pack unexpectedly bum rushed the Massive stage after their scheduled event at Backspace Cafe and performed their “Got My Vans On But They Look Like Sneakers” single and other banging California-tinged songs from their discography until they were sweaty and the crowd was emotionally exhausted from screaming and flailing along? Tis true, loves, tis very true…

XO | S.