Iconic Friday | Tsumori Chisato

Monster Vintage’s lovely summer inter Rose gave us our Iconic Friday figure this week.

Tsumori Chisato is a designer who hails from Japan and creates romantic, feminine pieces emboldened with over-sized flowers and stripes of pastel water colors. She also makes jewelry, purses, some of her fabric and the prints, which are inspired by images that she fantasizes.

Rose loves the striped shirt where each thickly colored stripe bleeds into the next and I adore her one-piece jumper. I also adore that Rose schooled me on Tsumori!

XO | S.

One thought on “Iconic Friday | Tsumori Chisato”

  1. Allison – Thank you so much for checking our blog and making this correction. I really appreciate it.

    I also adore that you're our first blogger commenter! Which fashion icon would you like to see profiled this Friday?

    XO | Sara

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