Dolce & Gabbana | Spring 2010

Here we go….more men’s Ready To Wear lines! This morning, we’ve got D&G’s take on what the fly boys (gay and straight, of course) will be sporting on the sidewalks of life soon. Avoiding the vibrant tangerine wave that seems to have hit many couture houses, D&G opted for a city-country boy; distressed jeans in a plethora of washes and tones, perfectly beat up and rolled at the hems to stop just above high-water leather boots that look like a hybrid between rain galoshes and Harley-Davidson motorcycle rough riders. Paired with Western style pearl-button snap oxfords in cotton prints or denim, vintage inspired baby soft graphic tees and seventies swoon tuxedo tops and pants (slick, skinny lapels and ties) in a refreshing array of colors, this line creates a 2010 man who doesn’t mind getting dirt under his fingernails but cleans up wonderfully for the board meeting, leather-bound gator clutch-briefcase in hand.

* DIY * You can absolutely distress your own favorite pair of denim with some rough sandpaper, scissors and bleach in a spray bottle. Corrupt as much or as little as you like for the ideal worn-in I-didn’t-try-hard-to-do-this-at-all look.

XO | S.