Happy Tuesday!

Nothing says a Happy Tuesday like a vintage Barnum Circus poster and waffle sole Nikes. Primary colors are the theme today. I’m dressed like an American Flag!

Kurt Geiger Hessa



I’ve succumbed to wearing my high top sneakers and flats for too long. I think it may be time to get back into the heel game. What other brands should I be on the lookout for?

XO | S.

Massive 8 | Monster Vintage Photo Fun!

In honor of MJ’s passing, Amber and I decided to put together the different faces of Michael’s fashion history (including the infamous nose job mask…) and rock the stage at the Crown Room for Leigh’s Massive 8 party this past Saturday. After an extra special shout-out from Ronin Roc, the host with the most and a musical MJ intro by NYC’s DJ Ayres from The Rub (only one of Manhattan’s finest dance parties), the girls hit the runway and Jackson 5’d, Moonwalked and high kicked it out. It was memorable.

More photos to come from the night’s other designers, who also showed good face.

XO | S.

Iconic Friday | MJ & Farrah Fawcett

24 hours later and the whole world is already drying tear streaks. With the rate information travels these days, we all knew moments after it happened that the most famous Moonwalking, sparkle glove wearing, high pitched singing entertainer of many generation’s time had passed. Adding feathered Farrah Fawcett to the day’s demise and it was truly a double depressed Thursday, June 24th. Both of these outstanding folks left musically and hairdo legacies behind for us to enjoy for the duration of our lifetimes.

In homage of MJ, Amber and I decided to deck out each of our models tomorrow night in a different era of Micheal’s fashion fortes. We’ve got Jackson 5 through Black & White and it will be spectacular.

And I might just go ask for, “the Farrah Fawcett” down at the salon later.

XO | S.

Massive 8 | Public Indulgence

Oh gosh. Whew. Is it that time of the month again? Yes. Yes, it is. Massive 8 is this Saturday and Feldman is bringing out DJ Ayres from NYC’s most popular dance party, The Rub!!! Sweaty and outrageous cannot even begin to describe the inside of the Crown Room this weekend. And we’re geeked, as always, to participate in the funnest catwalk Portland showcases. We’re ready rock steady. If you’re in the NW neighborhood, bring your pretty booty on by and have a Greyhound at the bar with us.

XO | S.

View from the Clubhouse

I realized last night that if I brought the digi camera into work this morning, I could start photographing the inside of our world and sharing it with y’all! Yippee skippee. It’s about to get fun…

A handmade sign for Amber’s awesome bizaar fair held at Montage Restaurant and Bar (they serve Alligator and wrap all food leftovers in tin foil crafted animals and other amazing shapes) a few weeks ago.

Glass cases of Monster Vintage bejewled bedazzlement.

A peek inside the magic warehouse! One of many boxes of vintage fox, rabbit and mink.

We have this amazing bookcase filled with department store cataloges and vintage magazines. You used to be able to mail order everything, including the kitchen sink!

A rack of clothing waiting to be assessed and added to the website. This Western leather vest will make somebody out on the range very happy.

A desk full of goodies. We have lots of scenes like this spread around the warehouse. It makes for the most visually stimulating job geography ever.

The growing glossy magazine wall above my desk. Woot.

Our ceiling. Outstanding, I know. Sesame Street is always in the house.

More ceiling. This Japanese Koi fish looks over our vintage world and brings us good luck.

Our black, metal warehouse door to the world!

And the beautiful Portland street view just outside.

Send us snaps of your work space and tell us why your gig makes you happy!

XO | S.

Salvatore Ferragamo | Men’s Spring 2010

Ohhhh! I love Mr. Ferragamo’s take on next year’s Spring Ready To Wear line! So Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy! (remember Miss Madonna in that flick?!) Save for the screaming tangerine color used to saturate some of the line’s oxfords and smoking jackets, this collection is an homage to 1930’s American Police Detectives with striking black and white slim tailored suits, trench coats with extra long coat tails, sharp ribbon adorned straw and felt Fedoras, shiny wingtips, flowing slacks, strong jawlines and broad shoulders. Handsome like whoah.

Salvatore also throws in thickly cabled knit and barely there mesh sweaters in all shades of white, cream and vanilla.

We have wonderful suits from the 30’s and 40’s on the site right now. And cable sweaters. And Fedoras…

Here’s a slightly corny trailer for Dick Tracy. This is another movie from my childhood, produced by Disney in 1990. I used to pretend I was Madge and dance around singing songs off the soundtrack.

XO | S.

Iconic Friday | Tsumori Chisato

Monster Vintage’s lovely summer inter Rose gave us our Iconic Friday figure this week.

Tsumori Chisato is a designer who hails from Japan and creates romantic, feminine pieces emboldened with over-sized flowers and stripes of pastel water colors. She also makes jewelry, purses, some of her fabric and the prints, which are inspired by images that she fantasizes.

Rose loves the striped shirt where each thickly colored stripe bleeds into the next and I adore her one-piece jumper. I also adore that Rose schooled me on Tsumori!

XO | S.

Litter SF | ♥

Ooooooog. To be fair, our favorite jeweler in the world is Miss Bijules NYC but these San Fransisco kittens are stomping close behind with their silver (and a little gold) body, head and feet adornments. Piled multiple chains that wrap around and hug your thighs, hands, head, necks and ears, Litter SF is our newbie gorg favorite.

I am ordering a thigh chain ASAP. It will go swimmingly with my hand-bleached 80’s cut-off short shorts. Happiness.

Check the girls’ complete line-up HERE but beware, their popularity has of recent, sky rocketed so many of their pieces are sold out or on back order. Just a word of warning before the full on salivation starts.

XO | S.

Iconic Monday | The Journey of Natty Gann

Okay, okay, I know – it’s supposed to just be Iconic Friday, a happy end-of-the-week style icon celebration. But I couldn’t help myself. This VHS was on heavy rotation in my VCR when I was just a young girl and for the past few months, I’ve been obsessing over seeing it again.

Produced by Disney Films in 1985, actress Meredith Salenger (who plays Natty Gann) and an exquisite Wolf Huskey dog star in this period piece set in America during the great depression.

Aside from being gorgeous and outdoorsy, Natty’s main outfit throughout the film is her classic tweed newsboy cap, a buttoned wool fitted overcoat, a mens buttoned oxford, tweed slacks and loafers. And it is perfect. Apologies that there aren’t more photos floating around online – if you can find any, pretty please send them our way and we’ll post them.

As for my desire to pop some Kettle Corn and re-watch this movie, I’ve given up searching through my parent’s dusty VHS collection to find it so I’ll be logging onto Blockbuster to upgrade and buy the DVD soon.

Meredith, thank you for being one NW Portland girl’s role model. Because of you (and my pops), I’m not afraid to be grimy or independent and my love of dogs is lifelong.

XO | S.

Balenciaga | Cruise Line 2010

From one of the most sought-after couture (and shoe!) mansions in the world, it’s Balenciaga’s turn at Spring wear. Classically true to the house, we get cinched and ballooned waistlines mixed with very fitted and intricate leather bomber jackets, a two-tiered Southwestern style ruffle dress paired with amazing textured bootie heels, plaid and mini polka-dotted oxfords with starched Edwardian necklines and over sized front waist bows fit for the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland and skinny black pants (still in style). Minimal jewelry and accessories for a slightly androgynous appeal.

XO | S.