In Like a Lion-

-Out like a lamb: Portland skies are shining today and it’s almost March. Strange that it snowed Wednesday night, but hey we’re keeping our chins up and scarves handy.
In preparation for Spring here are some picks to tease you out of your winter grays and back into the color spectrum.

Item #19411 / Item #6874

Item #12398 / Item #8555

Item #10708 / Item #7038

Item #6863 / Item #2719

Katarina Lustenberger

The Red Carpet | Oscars 2009

It was classic full-length couture in beiges, reds and blacks at the 81st Oscars held in Los Angeles, CA this past Sunday evening. Slumdog Millionaire (if you haven’t already seen this film, rush rush rush to your local theatre) swept the awards, taking home Best Film among many other categories.

Ladies, whose dress do you think wins the trophy this year? Let us know!

Here’s some of our most elegant evening gowns featured now on the website. Perfect for your own red carpet night out!

Item # 19931

IItem # 19669

Item # 19360

Item # 18664

Item # 15825

Item # 15642

Item # 14480

Item # 13585

Item # 13048

Item # 12263

Item # 6097

Item # 1474

XO | Beat Street

New York Fashion Week | Men’s Collection

Women always get the most runway time at fashion weeks. New York is wrapping up their Spring 2009 Fashion Week this weekend and I wanted to recap a few of the best men’s looks from the week.

After each high-fashion runway look, you’ll find similar vintage items from our website, along with their searchable item numbers (the original vintatge items, no doubt were inspiration for their couture cousins…).

Calvin Klein is well, classic. Looks like for Spring he’s loving feathery heather grays and piercing navy blues, both in an allover matching suit fashion (tie color matches button-up matches vest matches suit jacket matches pants).

Calvin Klein:

And here’s some suits for sale from Monster Vintage you can add to your closet to replicate the latest runway trends:

Item # 16334

Item # 6016

Item # 18576

William Rast is a Los Angeles, California based clothing company founded by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala. Known for their premium jeans, the company showcased popular distressed jeans, vintage inspired cotton printed tees, luxury leather motorcycle jackets and gloves this week in New York City.

William Rast:

And here’s some currently available goodies for sale on Mix and match them, put an outfit together and you’ll create an original vintage look similar to those shown by William Rast. Justin Timberlake is my hero.

Item # 18649

Item # 17790

Item # 18539

Item # 18375

Item # 13760

Item # 13359

Item # 14453

Item # 18300

Item # 19098

Item # 19349

Item # 17612

Item # 17504

Item # 17617

Item # 9444

Item # 19894

Viva New York Fashion Week! Viva vintage fashion!

XO | Beat Street

Fashion Week | NYC

Rumor has it the fashion moguls felt the hit of the recent economy. There runways shows were down graded. Some big designers choose to have the runway shows online.

Is this a sign of the growing trend?
Are we about to see the last of the runway show? If you click on the designers you can see their lines.

We Style In | Members Only Jackets

Aww, the classic and popular Members Only Jacket. These clean zip-up jackets can be found in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, ranging from the most commonly-found creams, beiges, blues and browns and cotton linens and leather. They often feature passants, which are the thin straps on the shoulders, which snap closed. Look for the original “Members Only” tag found usually on the edge of the front pocket.

Historically, the jackets were created in 1975 by Europe Craft Imports and brought to the United States market in 1979. Their company tagline was, “When you put it on, something happens.” In the 1990’s, a few condom companies caught wind of the tagline and began using it for themselves. Ha.

Check the Members Only official website.

Find all of the Members Only Jackets posted above on the Monster Vintage website under the Men’s category, “Retro Jackets“.

XO | Sara

Designer ♥ | Luxury Jones

Luxury Jones is an amazing local designer who studied fashion goodness in Los Angeles and now lives happily in Portland, where she has a sweet, spacious house where she’s gots lots of room to make crafty, delicious clothing, accessories and boots from scratch. Celebrities have worn her wares and just this week, her website went live for all the world to gleam her products from. Send her a line and let her know how fabulous she is.

XO | Beat Street

MonsterVintage.Com | Seventeen Magazine

Every now and then, we catch wind of someone saying something fantastic about us. This blog from Seventeen Magazine (ahh, Seventeen Magazine. Suddenly, summers spent on the porch with a glass of lemonade in one hand and the latest Seventeen mag in the other, come rushing back) came just last week and well, we’d like to gush about it:

Welcome to my first blog post! I’m Madisen (Maddie for short). I was chosen as Seventeen’s Style Council “vintage” style. So as you know from my bios, I’m just like every other girl — I love clothes. What I find always fun is discovering new little shops or stores to get cool stuff that not a lot of people have or know of yet. I love bringing trends back and creating new ones.

So by keeping up with my posts I can always let you know when I find cool places, or even online stores, that are just as amazing and inexpensive. Sometimes with school and work, I find myself not having a minute to take a stroll to the mall or to cute stores, so I do most of it online. Some of my favorites include,, and

A fun tip to remember before being tempted is always, I mean always, hit the sale rack! You’ll be surprised what people don’t scoop up. I like to think of it as “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I think one of my main influences is living in New York City — the people, the scenery, everything around me. However, since I’m from the South, where I’m surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains, that inspires me to bring the inner girly, traditional side out in my clothes. I’m also obsessed with looking at my old family albums and pictures from certain times, which is so great because you can take a modern outfit and style and throw in a traditional hairstyle or makeup.

Oh, and you all love Facebook I assume, as do I; well, recently there’s this amazing Website where you can rate people’s styles from all over the world. It’s called and it’s a great way to be inspired by all people around the world without actually having to travel!

I cannot wait to hear back from y’all and share fun news on new styles, trends at your school, Websites, or even what inspires you! XO, Maddie 🙂

The direct article link |

XO | Beat Street

Rockbox Mixtape # 7

Rockbox is a groovy monthly dance party held at the Holocene to the tunes of DJ KEZ, Dun Diggy and Matt Nelkin. Lots of people come out wearing extra Speed Stick, prepared to get ready and sweaty. Once in a while, one of the boys feels inspired and pops out an awesome mixtape, for free, for us!

Feel special, special, special! Because we are! Follow this link for Matt Nelkin’s mixtape and throw your very own dance party!

XO | Beat Street Sara

Gerlan Jeans | NYC Fashion Week Spring ’09

Backstage photos at the Gerlan Jeans Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 16, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Gerlan Jeans are on everybody’s lips right now. She’s totally an upcoming Patricia Field type who just debuted her line, designing wild, eye-catching prints in solid bright colors eclipsed with all-over patterns like zig-zag arrows pointing well, to everywhere. Cobalt blues, cotton candy pinks, New Era caps adorned with oversized Alice In Wonderland bows. Layered eye shadow streaks in canary yellows and sea green turquoises. Gorgeous!

Check out the fun video posted by the company on their website |

Here’s a little home video of the entire line’s finale. Enjoy!

XO | Beat Street Sara

DJ Zimmie | The Backrub Vol. 2 Mixtape

DJ Zimmie is an amazing DJ hailing from Pittsburgh, PA where he currently holds down many, many weekly and monthly residencies and was just named “Mr. X” for Pittsburgh by the Red Bull Music Academy. So basically, he’s like the hip hop/ soul / funk / R & B / classic rock mayor of his hood. And from his hood to yours, Zimmie is kind enough to share free downloads of his fantastic mixtapes, created with love and the hopes that you’ll be hooked and continue checking for him.

Visit his MYSPACE PAGE and sign up for his emailed newsletter so you can get messages like the one below sent directly to your inbox. Kinky and contagious. Just like DJ Zimmie.


XO | Beat Street Sara

What’s up peoples?

Below is a download link to DJ Zimmie – Backrub Volume 2 with the tracklisting. It’s the 2nd installment of my sexy mix series, perfect for handlin’ that biz in the bedroom. I cut it just in time for Valentine’s Day so I hope you put it to good use. The artwork is at the bottom.

DISCLAIMER: DJ Zimmie and his affiliates are in no way responsible for unintended kids created from the use of this mixtape.


1. Beautiful (Remix) – Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli & Mary J. Blige
2. Like It Like That – A Tribe Called Quest
3. A Deep Hip Hop Kinda Love (Afterhours Mix) – Armand Van Helden
4. Lucy Pearl’s Way – Lucy Pearl
5. One More Chance (Remix) – Notorious B.I.G.
6. The First Taste – Fiona Apple
7. The Sweetest Taboo – Sade
8. I Belong To You – Lenny Kravitz
9. She Don’t Have To Know – John Legend
10. That’s The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson
11. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) – Maxwell
12. Got 2 Be Down – Robin Thicke ft. Faith Evans
13. I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)(Instrumental) – Grand Puba
14. Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again – Marvin Gaye
15. Heavy Love Affair (Unreleased Odyssey Studios Mix) – Marvin Gaye
16. Get It On Tonight – Montell Jordan
17. What It Feels Like For A Girl – Madonna
18. Interlude (Phone Conversation from “Heat”)
19. Eyes Without A Face – Billy Idol
20. Alright – D’Angelo